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custom metal stamping parts nonstandard parts

Item: Auto stamping sheet metal part parts , Clevis , Air Bag Housing , Oil Pressure Switch Components , Speaker Basket , RF Shielding Housing , Motor Housing , Spring Hanger , Forging Parts , Stamping Parts…ect.

Material available: Steel,  Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel , Aluminum... etc

Surface treatment: E-Coating , Zinc-Plated , Chrome-Plated, Powder Coating as per customers request

Machining range: According to your requirements

Max.Diameter: According to your requirements

Size: According to your requirements

Lead time: It can adjust according to customers’request

Term of Payment:T/T

Drawing formats: Pro-e, Solid Works, AutoCAD (DXF, DWG), PDF, or 2D.

Shipment port: Shanghai or Ningbo

Packaging:  Standard export carton with pallet, Prevent from damage or as per customers' requirements

Minimum Order: Different Parts wihll have different MOQ

Production capacity:Max 250MT Press Machine; Punching Machine;Drilling Machine, Complete Assembly Line Etc.


If you have any parts need making and machining,please feel free to send your kind drawing or samples to us. 


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